January 17, 2013. Sol Voltaics in Science Magazine; “InP Nanowire Array Solar Cells Achieving 13.8% Efficiency by Exceeding the Ray Optics Limit.”.

Photovoltaics based on nanowire arrays could reduce cost and materials consumption compared to planar devices but have exhibited low efficiency of light absorption and carrier collection. We fabricated a variety of millimeter-sized arrays of p-i-n doped InP nanowires and found that the nanowire diameter and the length of the top n-segment were critical for cell performance. Efficiencies up to 13.8% (comparable to the record planar InP cell) were achieved using resonant light trapping in 180-nanometer-diameter nanowires that only covered 12% of the surface. The share of sunlight converted into photocurrent (71%) was six times the limit in a simple ray optics description. Furthermore, the highest open circuit voltage of 0.906 volt exceeds that of its planar counterpart, despite about 30 times higher surface-to-volume ratio of the nanowire cell.

January 15, 2013. Sol Voltaics receives grant from the Swedish Energy Agency for “Nano wire-based solar cells for of cheap renewable energy”.

Project Manager Lars Samuelson, Lund Institute of Technology, The project aims to develop solar cells with high efficiency at reasonable production costs by using nanowires of III-V semiconductors. The project managed by Lund Institute of Technology in collaboration with Sol Voltaics. Lund Institute of Technology is granted 9,000,000 million over four years.

Press release in Swedish: http://www.energimyndigheten.se/sv/Press/Pressmeddelanden/108-miljoner-kronor-till-forskning-om-el-och-bransle-fran-solenergi/

January 13, 2013. Sol Voltaics participate in the Swedish delegation to Qatar.

The Program will includes one day in Doha, Qatar, for meetings with key stakeholders, led by the General Director of the Swedish Energy Agency, Erik Brandsma. This is a crucial opportunity for Sol Voltaics to meet relevant actors and make contacts in the region’s fastest growing market.

Please contact Erik Olsson ([email protected]) for further inquiries or setting up an individual meeting.

January 15-17, 2013. Sol Voltaics exhibits at the Swedish Pavilion (8010) at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi.


In collaboration with the Swedish Trade Council and the Swedish Energy Agency, Sol Voltaics welcomes you to the Swedish Pavilion (stand 8010) at the World Future Energy Summit 2013!

World Future Energy Summit 2013 in Abu Dhabi, takes place from January 13-17. We are looking forward to a great few days with interesting impressions and meetings.

Please contact Erik Olsson ([email protected]) for further inquiries or setting up an individual meeting.