Our Breakthrough Goal: Aerotaxial Nanowire Solar Cells

Sol Voltaics AB (“Sol”) is a venture-backed, development-stage nanotechnology company focused on development and commercialisation of a method of producing portable, semi-conductor nanowire-based high-efficiency solar cells using a low-cost, very high volume production method based on guided self-assembly of nanowires in the gas phase.

Sol, and its sister companies QuNano AB (www.qunano.com) and glo AB (www.glo.se), are spin-outs from the Nanometer Structure Consortium of Lund University, Sweden, (http://nano.lth.se) which is widely-recognised as one of the world’s leading centres for research into next generation quantum nanoscale semiconductor materials and devices for electronics and optoelectronics applications.
The Company holds key international intellectual property rights in the areas of nanostructure material growth, fabrication and devices as applied within the field of solar spectrum photovoltaics. In addition, the Company is the only commercial participant in a key photovoltaic research project with several prominent international partners under the auspices of the European Union’s Framework 7 nanotechnology programme.